Drains Next to Walls

Linear drains are becoming popular and often they are placed next to walls. This looks nice but has a higher risk of waterproofing issues.

Linear drain against wall
Hot Mop Shower Pans

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Most Common Point of Failure

Shower drains are the most common problem area with a shower pan. Here we explain in more detail how to reduce the chance of running into this issue.

What is a Shower Pan

You may be wondering what exactly a shower pan is and what purpose it services. First and foremost, all building codes require the shower pan be waterproofed. Your shower is regularly exposed to more water than any other part of your home. Properly installed shower pans create a seal that protects against water damage

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Test Plugs for the Water Test

You should always water test the shower pan before tiling to avoid costly repairs

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Keep Your Weep Holes Open

Regardless of the waterproofing method chosen (hot mopping, pvc/cpe membranes, etc.) it is essential to make sure the weep holes are kept clear. These holes at the base of the drain provide an escape for all the moisture the shower pan captures and funnels to the drain

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Why You Should Install a New Drain Set

Most leaks that occur on new shower pans are located around the drain. We have learned that not using a new drain set increases the risk of leaks. Because of budget constraints people might be tempted to leave the old drain assemblies but this will often end up costing more down the road

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Shower Drains - Danger Of Using New Top Flange With Old Bottom Flange

Do it right the first time and install a new complete new drain set

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Prevent Leaks and Protect the Hot Mop

To help prevent damage to the hot mop it should always be completed as close as possible to the tiling work. If you will have other construction traffic around the hot mop it is best to cover it and prevent damage

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How to Tile a Hot Mopped Shower Pan

Here are some general steps for tiling after the hot mop of the shower pan.

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Shower Remodel Process

You may be thinking about remodeling your shower because the shower pan is leaking and/or it is just finally time to update the look and feel of your shower. Either way remodeling the shower can be a daunting and expensive project. You can hire a General Contractor to manage the entire project or you may be thinking of doing it on your own. In this article we briefly go over the general steps for putting up an all-tile shower

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How to Diagnose a Leaking Shower

You have a leaking shower causing damage where it is not supposed to. But how do you figure out what is causing the leak? Here is a general guide to help you determine what is causing the leak.

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