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Drains Next to Walls

Linear drains are becoming popular and often they are placed next to walls. This looks nice but has a higher risk of waterproofing issues.

Hot mopping is a great way to waterproof shower pan because it withstands construction traffic very well. However, the trade of is that it is very thick especially at the wall corners.

This is an issue when the clamping flange assembly for the linear drains is against a wall, bench, threshold, or any vertical surface.

In order for us to fully warranty the shower pan hot mop we need at least 1" of space from the vertical surface to the outer edge of the clamping flanges on the drain assembly. (See picture below)

This is because the hot mop buildup is thick and it will get in the way of the clamping flanges coming together evenly if they are close to the wall.

We can still hot mop with less than an 1" of space but we would need a release of warranty approved.

As a side note, since the walls still have to be floated out, the linear trough will still be very close to the wall even though the outer edge of the drain flange is 1" away from the wall.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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