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What is a Shower Pan

Understand the basics of shower pans.

You may be wondering what exactly a shower pan is and what purpose it services. First and foremost, all building codes require the shower pan be waterproofed. Your shower is regularly exposed to more water than any other part of your home. Properly installed shower pans create a seal that protects against water damage.

Improperly installed shower pans or pans with cracks or problems around the drain area can leak. You may already suspect that your shower pan is leaking. To determine this for sure, plug the shower drain pipe with an expandable plug, making sure the drain is completely sealed. Next, fill your shower pan with about one inch of water not from the shower stall. Check to see if the leak is still there.

Custom tile or all stone showers need to have the shower pan waterproofed because water will soak through the tile/stone and grout. Having a properly sloped waterproof barrier is needed between the shower and the structure of your home. The shower pan barrier can be thought of as a funnel—any water that makes it to the shower pan waterproofing needs to be directed to the “weep” holes at the base of the drain. If the shower pan underneath the stone tile does not have a proper slope, or if the weep holes on the drain are clogged, then stagnant water will collect under your tile possibly causing stains.

For those not building a custom shower pan, there are two options for prefabricated shower pans:finished shower pans and tile ready shower pans.

Finished shower pans are often made of glazed fiber glass or acrylic. Prefabricated tile ready shower pans are designed to be covered by tile; however, they are generally more expensive than hot mopping and come in fixed sizes that don’t always sit well in the shower area.

West Coast Hot Mops believes that hot mopping your shower pan is a great solution, and we guarantee our work. Our fully insured and licensed team has the experience of thousands of combined jobs waterproofing shower pans. Call us with any questions or to get started on your shower pan installation today.


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